Cairde na Scoile / Friends of the School

Cé h-iad Cairde na Scoile?

As a parent or guardian of a Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil student, you are automatically a member of Cairde na Scoile (Friends of the School). As a member of Cairde, you are welcome and encouraged to join in the activities that Cairde initiate, activities that serve to underscore the school’s diversity and creativity. Whether you serve as a Parent Representative, attend the monthly meetings, or volunteer your time and talents to social endeavours, it’s the community effort that realises the most potential.

Aims of Cairde na Scoile:
To harness the skills and talents of this parent community for the benefit of all present and future children attending Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil. To build and encourage a supportive parent community that reflects the diversity of our student community and to provide a network of communication support between parents, guardians, teachers and administration.
Ní neart go cur le chéile
However, you choose to be involved, we hope you will find within Cairde Na Scoile a community that welcomes and supports you and your family. Please feel free to contact a member of the Cairde committee with questions or comments.

Cairde na Scoile
All parents and guardians of Gaelscoil Uí Drisceoil are members of Cairde na Scoile. The school Secretary is also a member of Cairde. The committee of Cairde (elected annually by the parents) is comprised of a Chairperson (Vice-), Treasurer (Vice-), and Secretary (Vice-). In addition, sub-committees are constituted as required for major events, each comprising of Chairperson (Vice-), Treasurer and Secretary. Meetings are held at the school on the first Tuesday of each month at 8 p.m. and all parents are welcome to attend. Additional meetings are called as required.