Teacht agus Imeacht ón Scoil

Seo chugaibh eolas ar teacht agus imeacht ar scoil.

Please find attached important information & timetables in relation to our staggered entry and going home times. There have been some changes made to the times and doors in the mornings and afternoons so please read carefully.

Teacht ar Scoil

Fágáil na Scoile

General Guidelines

  • Parking spaces in the rear yard are for Staff parking but can be used as overflow parking for parents of Junior and Senior Infants only. Front yard parking spaces are for the parents of Naíonáin Bheaga & Naíonáin Mhóra only. No other parking is permitted. A set down system is in place for all other children. This means you may pull up at Zebra Crossing drop your child and drive away without coming to the front door. Please do not reverse out onto the zebra crossing.
  • Parents must not congregate outside the building on the tarmac. This impedes the practicing of social distancing,
  • Children must be aware of which door (colour coded) they are using to access the school and must only enter through this door at their allocated time. Spots are located on the ground leading up to these doors to help the practice of social distancing.
  • Families of 2 siblings or greater may arrive at school together at one of their allocated times. Choose the time that best suits your family and adhere to that. The same applies to home time. Please arrive at the latest time of 2:30pm if you have more than 1 child to collect .
  • Parents are not permitted to enter the building without a prior appointment.
  • To facilitate hand sanitization in the morning the lunch box and drink should be placed in small knap sack on child back or a side bag to allow children to have hands free .